Walk-In Clinic Near Me Little Elm, TX

Primary Care, Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Located Near You in Little Elm, TX. Our Doctors are Ready to Help You 6 Days a Week. No Appointment Necessary, Walk-In or Call Us at
(972) 200-4780.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where is there a walk-in clinic near me in Little Elm, TX?” There is no need to guess because the answer is Swift MedCare. Our state of the art urgent care center is open 6 days a week with board-certified doctors ready to diagnose and treat a variety of non life-threatening illnesses and injuries. No appointment is needed to access our services or be seen by a physician. When your primary care physician isn’t available, don’t delay treatment or take an expensive trip to an emergency room. We are here and ready to help you feel better. Our extended weekday hours and weekend availability allow you to fit us into your schedule and not the other way around. You do not need to sacrifice high-quality care for prompt diagnosis and quick treatment. You can have both at our urgent care facility.

“Oh no, I think this is broken,” is never something you want to say after suffering an injury. “Walking it off” is not exactly the best course of action. If you suffer a fracture, this could further aggravate your injury, not only delaying your eventual recovery but possibly make a fracture more severe. You can get the answers you are looking for at our walk-in medical clinic. We have a digital x-ray onsite and available 6 days a week. Regardless if your injury is a sprain, strain, or fracture, we’ll find out so we can put you on the best path to complete recovery. At your request, we can forward images of an x-ray to your primary care provider for further analysis.

Have you been dealing with a nagging cold or a sore throat? It may not be allergies or the common cold. Instead, you may be suffering from the flu or strep throat. These infections are not only contagious but often need medical intervention to help your immune system beat them. However, the only way to confirm you have either of these infections is through a lab test. Swift MedCare near Little Elm, TX can conduct these tests at our onsite lab. In many cases, we can perform rapid tests to give you answers in a single visit instead of sending samples off to an offsite lab for testing. Once confirmed, we can prescribe you the medication you need to feel better. We can fill this prescription at our facility or send it to a pharmacy of your choice.

Swift MedCare is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am–5 pm, on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm and Sunday Closed. We accept most major insurances and have affordable self-pay options for those who are currently uninsured. Visit our insurance page to see a list of carriers we currently take. Don’t see your insurance company listed? Call our friendly staff today at 972-200-4780 and they will research what options are available to you. There is no need to wait to start feeling better! Visit our walk-in urgent care clinic today and let us help you get healthy again.